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From Patricia Shanahan <p...@acm.org>
Subject Re: A new implementation of TaskManager
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2010 23:03:14 GMT
Gregg Wonderly wrote:
> Patricia Shanahan wrote:
>> If one of the River developers has an intranet test environment it may 
>> be possible to simulate the effect of running over the Internet by a 
>> similar trick. Create some workload that keeps the network very busy, 
>> and run it in parallel with a quality assurance test.
>> In some cases it may not matter which of two transactions is done 
>> first, but it is important to make sure there is a consistent order 
>> between them.
> More recently, one of my most favorite test environments is to bring up 
> open solaris on an i7 processor based machine with some reasonable 
> amount of memory (8GB or more) and then put 8 or more instances of linux 
> on it all running the same build, and then test there with appropriate 
> loading.  You'll get latency injection because of machine resource 
> contention, but you'll also get 8, independent OS and Java VM layers 
> that will be readily able to provide just about any unexplainable 
> behavior you need to test with :-)

Sounds nice and chaotic. When I have a new TaskManager and related 
changes working on my system, I'll ask you to take it for a spin.

One problem I don't think that would reproduce is the ambiguity between 
a transaction taking a very long time because of load, and a transaction 
that is not going to complete because a server that was working on it 
has crashed. That issue always gives me headaches.


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