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From Peter Firmstone <j...@zeus.net.au>
Subject Re: A new implementation of TaskManager
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2010 04:02:12 GMT
Patricia Shanahan wrote:
> Peter Firmstone wrote:
>> Peter Firmstone wrote:
>>> Patricia Shanahan wrote: .
>>>> Essentially, this is the usual operating system strategy of putting 
>>>> threads that are not currently runnable in a data structure 
>>>> associated with the reason for non-runnability, outside the 
>>>> priority structure that dispatches runnable threads. This minimizes 
>>>> the cost to the dispatcher of a thread that cannot do anything 
>>>> useful until some disk read finishes.
>> Hmm, this shows problem solving experience, take a learning and 
>> reapply it to something new. Would this mean that you'd have a 
>> dispatch thread that checks if the parked tasks are ready?
> We always know when a Task finishes or is removed. At that point, ask 
> "Does this Task have any others that have reported dependency on it?". 
> If so, for each of those tasks, do a new dependency check. If there 
> are now no dependencies, put is in the dispatch data structure. If 
> there is at least one dependency, attach it to the task on which it is 
> now known to depend and reconsider it when that task finishes or is 
> removed.
> Patricia

net.jini.lookup.ServiceDiscoveryManager contains several classes that 
implement Task and use sequencing.

I found 54 subtypes of Task in Apache River, doing a quick search.



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