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From Patrick Wright <pdoubl...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: River jar files in mvnRepository
Date Mon, 22 Mar 2010 22:17:57 GMT
> Well, we could aim for something far more simple than the JSK? Something
> with real simple exports. I've got a Exporter class somewhere, you only give
> it the component name and the reference to the service implementation and it
> works. I also got a ReggieStarter class lying around, which starts reggie
> from within the program with minimal config. If we provide a global instance
> of a Configuration object that produces a minimal config, would that be
> enough to get people started?

There were lots and lots of efforts at "quick start" (open source)
libraries for Jini, but these were all (to my knowledge) run as
outside projects, often by 1+ persons; none seemed to gather momentum.
I suggest that if we are going to offer a "quick start" we cast the
net far and wide and see what is already available that we can learn
from, and possibly get contributions from.

Personally, I think some practical goals for what could be put into
core would include annotations for declaring services and optional
IOC/DI-based configuration, at least in service definition, in
particular offering a means to use Spring/Guice/JSR 299 for

On the client side, I could see value in a simple utility above the
SDM, which builds on the caching already available and allows for
transparent balancing across multiple service instances of a
particular type and/or failover if a service instance disappears or
has problems.

For both service and client, some JMX beans would come in handy for
monitoring the current state of the system.

For new users, I think offering a couple of Maven archetypes would be
useful, as it is a convenient way to define and share a project
skeleton with everything downloaded and installed for new users. The
major Java IDEs all support reading Maven POM files directly, which
_really_ makes it easy to open up and get started with a foreign

Interested in where this discussion goes.

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