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From Apache Hudson Server <hud...@hudson.zones.apache.org>
Subject Build failed in Hudson: River-trunk #234
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2010 04:28:08 GMT
See <http://hudson.zones.apache.org/hudson/job/River-trunk/234/changes>


[peter_firmstone] River-335 Lazy Loading wasn't required for PreferredClassProvider, granting
AllPermission for the lib-ext/ directory was sufficient, my lazy loading implementation caused
an issue with QA Test Failure: com/sun/jini/test/impl/joinmanager/LeaseRenewDurRFE.td

Furthermore, the DynamicPolicy interface is in jsk-platform, so RevokeablePolicy was also
added to the ant build script by specifying -in org.apache.river

[peter_firmstone] Relates to River-334  PolicyEntry refactoring

Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Building on master
Updating http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/river/jtsk/trunk
U         qa/build.xml
U         src/net/jini/loader/pref/PreferredClassProvider.java
U         src/org/apache/river/security/policy/util/PolicyEntry.java
D         src/org/apache/river/security/concurrent/ConcurrentDynamicPolicyProvider.java
D         src/org/apache/river/security/concurrent/WeakGroup.java
D         src/org/apache/river/security/concurrent/Grants.java
U         build.xml
At revision 928588
[trunk] $ /home/hudson/tools/ant/latest/bin/ant all.clean release
Buildfile: build.xml

Target "jini-core.jar" does not exist in the project "river". It is used from target "river.jars".

Total time: 0 seconds
Publishing Javadoc
Archiving artifacts
Recording test results

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