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From Sim IJskes - QCG <...@qcg.nl>
Subject Re: Dependencies - The Good, Bad & Ugly & Future Possibilities
Date Thu, 11 Feb 2010 06:12:39 GMT
Peter Firmstone wrote:

> The bad news is that ClassLoader's are memory hungry, so we'll soon
> run out of both network bandwidth and memory when downloading
> multiple duplicate codebases all providing similar services.

How would an internet deployment work in practice? When you use a
service you need to know its interface. So how many interfaces are we
going to standardize? And those services are they similar, or the same? 
The only benefit to service proxies would be to distribute an updated 
version, or when its a big one that you only keep it in memory when you 
use it (and i'm not sure classloaders easily give up codebases).

Code needs to be deployed anyhow. Once at installtime, or when there are 
updates, or with every invocation of the program. We have 'downloads', 
java webstart, jini. With every step we gain extra agility(?). What real 
scenario, use-case are we facilitating here?

Shouldn't we make a few usecases and maybe create a few personas, so we 
all get a feel for what problem we are solving here?

Gr. Sim

QCG, Software voor het MKB, 071-5890970, http://www.qcg.nl
Quality Consultancy Group b.v., Leiderdorp, Kvk Leiden: 28088397

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