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From Sim IJskes - QCG <...@qcg.nl>
Subject Re: roadmap
Date Mon, 01 Feb 2010 12:14:09 GMT
Peter Firmstone wrote:

> If we have a private service behind a NAT gateway open a connection to a 
> public remote host and keep it open by utilising a heartbeat (empty 
> packet sent on a regular basis during idle periods), the public host can 
> maintain the connection also by using a heartbeat. While the private 
> service is in contact with the host, the public host can be a proxy 
> service for the host. By utilising DNS-SD the public host can utilise 
> all of its available free ports to act as proxy services for private 
> service instances, these could be registered as DNS-SD Jini services 
> where they can be discovered. We could call this a listening post 
> Service. The private services could upload simple reflective proxies to 
> the listening post service. The DNS-SD could be maintained using Dynamic 
> Update Leases When a connection is lost, the private service can re 
> instantiate it and re register it with a DNS Dynamic Update Lease.

Thanks. You raised some interesting issues. Never thought about the 
serviceproxies. You only need a serviceproxy when you want to switch 
endpoint technologies. If we have a new message based endpoint 
implementation, you could create a endpointproxy with a receive queue of 
size 0, and not bother with a serviceproxy.

(hmm, again it sounds like a VPN implementation over Jini.)

Gr. Sim

QCG, Software voor het MKB, 071-5890970, http://www.qcg.nl
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