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From "Christopher Dolan" <christopher.do...@avid.com>
Subject RE: Lookup Service Discovery using DNS?
Date Tue, 12 Jan 2010 22:43:03 GMT
Gr. Sim wrote:
> Christopher Dolan wrote:
> >  1) when Reggie starts (or restarts), it gets hammered with new
> > as services and clients find it via lookup locator polling, and
> > ensues.  I've seen Reggie go non-linear and hang when it exceeds N
> > threads all waiting for RegistrarImpl.concurrentObj, where N is
> > something like 1000.  In that regime, stack memory per thread
matters a
> > lot too.
> This is something we need to find a solution for anyway. Think of DOS
> attacks. A throttle service that only allows a certain number of
> requests per timeunit? With a temporary blacklisting for endpoints
> don't obey to a pre-agreed timeout before retrying?
> Gr. Sim

Yes, I had thought about that a bit too.  One place to enforce it could
be in the Reggie RegistrarProxy, which would make it much harder for
clients to violate policy.  Maybe Reggie could respond with "too busy,
try later" and a smart RegistrarProxy could know to retry after a pause.


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