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From "Tom Hobbs" <tom.ho...@sucfin.com>
Subject RE: Apache River Release
Date Tue, 05 Jan 2010 17:15:10 GMT
I figured most of the core information is the same, so all I've done is
a bit of tidying up..

 - Replaced all* references to "Jini" with "River"
 - Updated the version numbers in the html files in doc/

(*) With the exception of file/path/package names and references such as
"previously the Jini project donated from Sun" etc.

Changed the release notes details to be "None since 2.1.1" for the

 - activate.html
 - browser.html
 - classserver.html
 - comsunjinithread.html
 - discovery.html
 - fiddler.html
 - jeri.html
 - join.html
 - lease.html
 - loader.html
 - mahalo.html
 - mercury.html
 - netjinientry.html
 - norm.html
 - outrigger.html
 - reggie.html
 - security.html
 - servicediscovery.html
 - servicestarter.html

I know that ClassDep has changed, so I've left
release-notes/classdep.html alone because I don't know the details of
the change.

That's a bit worrying, according to SVN there haven't been any changes
of note to these files so either they are very out of date or
development really hasn't happened.  

As far as I can see, changes still need to be made to;

 - release-notes/bugfixes.html
 - release-notes/new.html
 - Any new development needs to have its details put into these notes

Lastly, I asked a while ago but didn't seem to get a reply.  I noticed
that the Javadoc on the Apache River site are missing some packages most
obviously all the com.sun packages, but also some others e.g.
net.jini.admin, net.jini.core.discovery and a few others.  

Is this intentional?  Have classes just moved packages?  Am I missing
something?  Can this get fixed for the AR2 release?

I'm prepared to accept that I've made changes where I shouldn't have,
but if someone can let me know where they are I can back the changes

Sorry I couldn't help more,


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Subject: Apache River Release


Could anyone / everyone, willing to help, go over the current trunk 
documentation and check for out of date information etc and assist where

possible (raise issue, submit patch) to update for the Apache 2.2.0

Don't worry about the qa or test docs yet, just the main build.




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