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From Gregg Wonderly <gr...@wonderly.org>
Subject Re: Lookup Service Discovery using DNS?
Date Thu, 14 Jan 2010 19:56:36 GMT
One of the primary issues with the current lookup server design and the 
ServiceRegistrar interface in particular is the fact that one can only receive 
unmarshalled services.  My work on providing marshalled results, visible in the 
http://reef.dev.java.net project, allows the opportunity to find stuff without 
getting a JVM memory explosion.  However, there is a further issue, and that is 
in order to "see into" the marshalled object you need to either resolve it or 
dive into the stream of bytes.  My further work on the PreferredClassLoader 
mechanism for establishing "never preferred" classes helps to make it possible 
to do resolution of remote objects using locally defined class instances, so 
that you can, for example, look at Entry objects.

Also, in my reef work, I investigated adding the names of all classes that are 
visible in the type hierarchy of the objects so that you could ask "instanceof" 
kinds of questions without unmarshalling.

There are just all kinds of issues related to this that come into play. 
Performing a Jini lookup, on the internet today, would be like asking your web 
browers to open a tab for every page on the net, and then waiting for that to 
finish so that you could click through the tabs to find what you are looking for.

Clearly, lookup needs to be a completely different concept to exist in a large 
world such as is visible "on the internet."

Gregg Wonderly

Peter Firmstone wrote:
> Anyone got any opinions about Lookup Service Discovery?
> How could lookup service discovery be extended to encompass the 
> internet?   Could we utilise DNS to return locations of Lookup Services?
> For world wide lookup services, our current lookup service might return 
> a massive array with too many service matches. Queries present the 
> opportunity to reduce the size of returned results, however security 
> issues from code execution on the lookup service present problems.
> If we did allow queries on a Lookup Service, could we do so with a 
> restricted set of available Types utilising only trusted signed 
> bytecodes?  If bytecode becomes divorced from the origin of a Marshalled 
> Object, and instead obtained from a trusted codebase service, then 
> perhaps we could have a system of vetting source code submitted for the 
> purpose of becoming trusted authorised query types?  Any query utilising 
> untrusted bytecode might return an UntrustedByteCodeException?
> Perhaps we could make service match results available as a bytestream, 
> clients that couldn't handle large amounts of data could inspect the 
> bytestream, continually discarding what isn't required?
> Check out this link on DNS service discovery:
> http://files.dns-sd.org/draft-cheshire-dnsext-dns-sd.txt
> Cheers,
> Peter.

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