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From Peter Firmstone <j...@zeus.net.au>
Subject Re: [Was: OSGi and Jini] Now -> Next Steps
Date Mon, 13 Jul 2009 05:45:59 GMT
Elijah Menifee wrote:
> I myself have started to play with NIO for prototyping a replacement server
> system for my company's software.  While doing research on how to obtain
> SSL/TLS connections on top of the NIO framework 
Haven't looked into it enough yet as I'm working on the jtreg tests, 
time permitting, my plan was to implement the SSL/TLS handshake using 
the SSLEngine API, creating SSLServerSocketChannel and SSLSocketChannel 
classes and using byte buffers for IO, id did look like lots of work!

But if someone already implemented something to make life easier & it 
works, lets use that.  Iain suggested Apache Mina, as it uses the Apache 
License, looks interesting, reportedly easy to use and quite fast too, 
hmm even has a jzlib compression filter, that can be switched off and on 
dynamically, good for bandwidth limited networks, not sure if filter is 
the right terminology though as filters generally remove something, 
translator might have conveyed better meaning; ).  Mina 1.1 is the one 
to use for Java 5 or later or Mina 1 for Java 1.4  I wonder if this 
would provide the opportunity to remove some existing code in River to 
streamline it a bit.  Thoughts anyone?

Apache Triplesec, depends on Mina too, I want to look into Triplesec to 
see if that could prove useful too, later down the track.

While on the topic of Security, I recall Jim Waldo in one of his 
interviews/ talks, wondering if Security has been "done right" in Jini 
(River), I think he was referring to the leaving of security as a 
concern for administrators (pls correct me if I'm wrong) and suggesting 
programmers needing to think more about security.  I personally like the 
way Security is handled by proxy's, so I think that what Jim was 
referring to, was perhaps the default (out of the box) settings for 
security and the configurability of Security.  Security is difficult, 
how can we make it easier?

Your thoughts?



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