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From Peter Firmstone <j...@zeus.net.au>
Subject Re: Jini.org and mailing list
Date Thu, 02 Jul 2009 01:14:28 GMT
Thanks & Welcome Elijah,

Great to have someone willing to jump in and assist.

Jim Waldo very graciously went to the trouble of obtaining and recently 
uploading the email list archives to JIRA- 

I think we should maintain, preserve and fund via volunteer contribution 
jini.org for now, move relevant information to the Apache River site and 
eventually archive the existing jini.org site and redirect the domain 
name to Apache River.  (Keeping jini.org registered)

I'm just waiting for the paypal (or equivalent) account to make the 
contribution to.



Elijah Menifee wrote:
> Just as I was getting the itch to look into JavaSpaces/Jini again as a
> possible technology to use for a possible redesign( at least a proof of
> concept) of my company's internal software, the announcement went out that
> the JavaSpaces-Users and Jini-Users mailing list were coming to an end.
> SO, I started looking into the River project, and have found the recent
> river-dev mail list archives, As far as I can tell still no decision has
> actually been made about what to do about jini.org, should it remain
> distinct from the River project, is it going to stay funded, should all the
> data be ported with a redirect?  I believe I came across the deadline of
> July 8....
> If my company was not a month behind in payroll, I would offer to at least
> contribute via PayPal to fund the current site or domain name registration.
> However since I am currently in a bind financial I figured I could at least
> contribute some evenings and weekend work (Currently no other plans for July
> 4th).  Just in case no community decision is made I am planning to start
> manually adding what I think could be relavent from the Jini.org site to the
> Apache River wiki. The down-side however, is that I have not actively
> followed the jini project in quite some time, SO I do not know for sure what
> might be the most important information or what information is out of date
> or irrelevant to the River project(I understand Jini is at 2.1, the last
> version I worked with was 1.2.1)  In a way this will give me a chance to
> re-familiarize myself with what I think IS a great redundant distributed
> platform.
> Also there is some talk that we may manage to get the archive lists released
> and stored on the River site, If the current plan falls through I have a
> large portion of the JAVASPACES-USERS since DEC 2002 in my IMAP Maildir
> folder.  If needed I am confident I can browse through the list to make sure
> no irrelevant e-mails got save to that Maildir, and double check to see if
> any other messages got saved somewhere else.  It would at least be a partial
> archive since there was a lot of non JavaSpace specific/Jini only mailing I
> did not archive and others may have gotten lost over the years, still it is
> approximately 1850 messages for the JavaSpaces info with some generic Jini
> bleed over.

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