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From Sam Chance <sgcha...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Jini.org
Date Thu, 25 Jun 2009 18:42:50 GMT
Wow! This whole topic is scary. I know factually Jini is still
relevant in certain places. I don't want it to die, personally.

Is there an easy way for individuals (like me) to acquire the content
on jini.org?

Can we set up a fund or account using Paypal? This would allow us to
individually contribute, as long as a trusted agent disperses funds to
pay the bills.

Also, can we change the wiki model to a controlled access site? Casual
visitors get read-only rights. Others may apply for write-enabled

I am willing to pay the bills as the trusted agent, if the group is
willing to allow me.

Just don't let it die.


On 6/25/09, Jeff Ramsdale <jeff.ramsdale@gmail.com> wrote:
> jini.org is currently hosted at Dreamhost and is run on Mediawiki.
> I'm open to whatever the community decides. It's been frustrating combating
> the spammers while trying to keep jini.org as open as possible (per wiki
> culture). I'd be more defensive of keeping the site if the community had
> taken greater ownership of it, but a lot of the content is stuff I copied
> from the previous site (like the Jini specs and all the content from Jini
> Community Meetings). I'd really hate to lose the JCM stuff, in particular.
> -jeff
> On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 8:23 AM, Rick Innis <rick@innis.ca> wrote:
>> This is just a heads up that we have to decide if we want to
>>> keep Jini.org around.  The site has been around since the
>>> inception of the Jini Community in 1999, and has gone through
>>> a number of transformations over the years.  It's current state
>>> is that it is wiki-based and hosted by Dreamhost.
>> I use Dreamhost for my own hosting, and I'd be happy to add the
>> jini.orgsite to that.
>>  We have an outstanding bill for $239.40 that is due by July 8th to keep
>>> the site going.
>> I' also happy to chip in towards this.
>>  We can either:
>>> - try to consolidate and move the content to Apache River,
>>> - figure out how to fund the Jini.org site, or
>>> - just let the site (and content) expire.
>> I agree with Patrick that the domain name should be kept up. I think
>> migrating the useful content to the Apache River project is probably a
>> good
>> idea, and eventually redirecting jini.org there - it makes it clear that
>> there's one source for the project.
>> R.
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