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From Jim Hurley <jim.hur...@mac.com>
Subject Jini.org
Date Thu, 25 Jun 2009 02:34:30 GMT
This is just a heads up that we have to decide if we want to
keep Jini.org around.  The site has been around since the
inception of the Jini Community in 1999, and has gone through
a number of transformations over the years.  It's current state
is that it is wiki-based and hosted by Dreamhost.  We have an
outstanding bill for $239.40 that is due by July 8th to keep
the site going.

In the past Sun has solely funded the site -- I'm assuming that's
not going to be the case going forward.

We can either:
  - try to consolidate and move the content to Apache River,
  - figure out how to fund the Jini.org site, or
  - just let the site (and content) expire.


thanks -Jim

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