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From Peter Firmstone <j...@zeus.net.au>
Subject Re: Reporting time
Date Mon, 01 Jun 2009 07:57:19 GMT
Niclas Hedhman wrote:
> River is to report for the month of June. Deadline to submission is 10th June.
> Cheers
Summary of Report items:

    * Recently there has been increased activity in River's development
      process with the arrival of two new Committer's, Jonathan Costers
      and Tom Hobbs.
    * AR2 is almost ready for release, I'm hoping to have the majority
      of jtreg tests passing & running from ant targets, prior to
      release (although since Peter Jones has already run the tests
      successfully, with the exception of missing server infrastructure,
      it can probably wait until after AR2), I'm still learning how to
      use the jtreg tool with regard to the way Rivers tests are
      intended to run. Prior to AR2, I need to modify the existing ant
      build scripts to include the ClassDepend libraries into the
      classpath of Rivers ClassDep tool, after the recent removal of the
      dependency on the JDK tools library (River-272) and add some unit
    * Jonathan added the qa directory to Rivers main development trunk,
      including the integration test suite and jtreg regression and unit
      tests, Jonathan and Tom created ant scripts to run the integration
      tests.  The integration tests passed on my system.
    * jtreg regression and unit tests: Peter Jones has been assisting me
      understand the jtreg test suite, Tom Hobbs and Dominic Cleal have
      volunteered some time and resources to running the jtreg tests. 
      Peter Jones, recently commented on Jira, which has helped me solve
      my permissions problems, I'm going to set up some documentation
      and an ant target after I get to the bottom of some minor
      remaining issues.
    * Additional server resources are required for the jtreg and
      integration tests; An HTTP proxy (River-306) and KDC server
      (River-307) are necessary.
    * Tom created a JUnit test repository with associated libraries and
      added a unit test.
    * The decision was made to allow developers to use Java 5 new
      language features and change the com.sun.jini.* and com.artima.*
      namespaces to org.apache.river.* (River-261) after the release of AR2.
    * What's required to get river out of incubation?
    * Preservation of existing documentation, mail lists and River
      dependent projects that currently exist outside of River. - I've
      raised issues on Jira (River-311 & 312), where those at risk can
      be uploaded, until they can be dealt with appropriately.
    * Consolidation of external Jini projects was discussed as optional
      add-ons, this discussion is still open, pending River incubation



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