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From Dan Rollo <danro...@gmail.com>
Subject Mock Libs...
Date Thu, 30 Apr 2009 01:56:26 GMT
I noticed the lines below, which make me think you're using EasyMock.
After using EasyMock for a while, I came across Mockito 
(http://mockito.org). I'm now a Mockito convert - I like how you don't 
have to worry about replay(...) with Mockito, and it had fewer problems 
with an IDE "pre-evaluating" expressions while debugging (which leads to 
very misleading errors from EasyMock). Just wanted to mention it in case 
you hadn't heard of it.


+		TxnTable mockTxnTable = createNiceMock(TxnTable.class);
+		replay(mockTxnTable);

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