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From Peter Jones <peter.jo...@sun.com>
Subject Re: Build failed in Hudson: River-trunk #163
Date Thu, 23 Apr 2009 22:43:41 GMT
On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 08:37:58PM +0200, Jonathan Costers wrote:
> Waw, thanks a lot for your explanation, Peter. It clears up a lot of
> things for me :-)

You're welcome.

> So, do you think it would be useful to enable these tests in River?

I think that they provide valuable coverage.

> Are they overlapping with the QA suite?

I don't think that there's much overlap.

> Should we choose one or the other framework? Or should we keep both?

Well, jtreg is in no position to handle the main Jini QA suite, so it
wouldn't be the one chosen.  As mentioned, the jtreg model is simple
enough that it's conceivable that support for it could be added to
another harness, like the Jini QA harness.  But if the OpenJDK's jtreg
implementation can be used where necessary, doing that might not seem
worth the effort.

Another option of course would be to port these jtreg-style tests to
some other test framework, but that might require a good deal of
effort (and for regression tests, some risk whether the regression
condition is still being effectively tested).  I should disclose some
bias: as a JDK old-timer, I am fond of jtreg, for what it's good at.

-- Peter

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