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From Patrick Wright <pdoubl...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Migration to Java 5
Date Mon, 30 Mar 2009 08:34:50 GMT
Although I raised the issue of 1.4 compatibility, I'm personally in
favor of moving to use 1.5 language features. I'd just like to keep
the 1.4 issue in mind, which it seems we are addressing.

The 1.5 compatibility issue has to be addressed in two parts
(unfortunately): use of language features (enums, annotations) and use
of new APIs which may not have been backported. For the concurrent
utilities, there is a backport (though I'm not sure it's being
maintained) but for many other Java APIs, there is no backport. We ran
into this on another 1.4-compatible FOSS project I work on where new
methods were added to the XML parsing APIs in Java 5 and 6.

I think one can solve that in part by seeking to maintain
interoperability between River Vx and Jini 2.1. That way, people
always have the option to host their existing code on Jini 2.1, and
use parts of River under 1.5 where it makes sense for them.


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