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From Michael McGrady <mmcgr...@topiatechnology.com>
Subject Re: Split JavaSpaces and JINI
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2008 02:59:38 GMT
This might be the ticket, Wade.  Right now I am on a heavy business  
trip to D.C. but on return I will try to get a little time to put  
together a potential JavaSpaces package.


On Dec 9, 2008, at 11:47 AM, Wade Chandler wrote:
> I'm waiting for real examples of what to decouple which can't be  
> done now through no utilization of an API. For instance, for a local  
> space, what needs to be taken out to make things work? If it is to  
> be used as a local space, and that is the intent for all purposes,  
> then why use discovery or lookup to find it. Why not just implement  
> it and use it directly? That can be done now per the interfaces and  
> abstract classes. I think this is part of the problem with a debate.  
> We need real examples of what can't be done now to see why the  
> argument makes sense. To me it isn't completely comprehendible yet,  
> and I think because I don't see exactly what can't be done which you  
> are needing to do. The exact pieces in the way. Is it having to  
> include this or that JAR, is it the fact that Entry and Transaction  
> are used? Those are pretty simple classes along with Lease and  
> LeaseMap. Is it the way things work now, and you mean to have them  
> work more like an object bus
> versus a JavaSpace with leases and transactions? I think we're  
> missing the common understanding to move the discussion forward more  
> easily. Maybe even a simple source example would do.
> Wade
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Michael McGrady
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