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From "Calum Shaw-Mackay" <calum.shawmac...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Split JavaSpaces and JINI
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2008 10:10:17 GMT
2008/12/11 Jools <joolski@gmail.com>:
> 2008/12/11 Calum Shaw-Mackay <calum.shawmackay@gmail.com>
>> To my mind - if you can't get something up and running within 10
>> minutes, no amount of 'but it's cool' will save you. Jini doesn't have
>> the groundswell that other projects have for instance Spring that will
>> keep a developer looking at it and the docs for a couple of hours
>> before they get something useful happening...
> I'd love to agree with that, but I don't. Jini is just something under the
> covers.
> If you want the 10 minute quick fix use Rio, or seven. It'll get you up and
> running
> (sorry if I've missed anybody else), and then you can start to get your
> project going.
> Jini is the glue. Not the application. If you need to do more 'Jini' stuff,
> you've already got a app running and you can then explore.
> But don't make some poor developer have to grasp Jini and all the horrid
> things it has to handle from day one.
> Let him use a tool designed to make his life easier, then feed the bitter
> pill later :-)
> So, lets make the core toolkit easier for the writers of the service
> execution environments which the clients use.

I'm not after a 10 minute quick fix but read the sentence above - make
the core toolkit easier which I'm 100% in agreement with
but if someone coming to Jini finds it difficult to write the service,
create the environment, deploy it into that environment,
write the client (after all it's not all about just services) and test
that it works, what hope do we have....

We all have to go back to where we were when we started and think
about the end to end process that gave us that 'woah that's cool, I
need to look into this technology more' moment and progress that as
one of the core goals, not saying it is the highest priority goal, but
I get the feeling that we don't care about new people coming to Jini
or about their first-steps experience


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