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From Gregg Wonderly <ge...@cox.net>
Subject Re: A Conversation: was Split JINI
Date Wed, 24 Dec 2008 14:53:06 GMT
Michael McGrady wrote:
> Building analogy:
> View A == SOA is meant to focus on what the building owner wants 
> (business defined services), including resale values and future 
> modifications.  This is expressed on paper and is never theoretical.
> View B == SOA is mean to focus on what the architect thinks the owner 
> should want (IT defined services) given the nature of architecture.  
> This is expressed in the actual building and usually or even always is 
> highly theoretical.

My view is C.  The people at the top need to adequately use the people at the 
bottom to get done what is needed.  The people at the bottom need to be able to 
use their skills, training and experience to drive value into the whole process. 
  If A and B never meet, A might start talking about technologies that don't 
need to be used and B might produce services with features that aren't needed.

Both add value or rather, neither is valueless.

Gregg Wonderly

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