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From Holger Hoffstätte <hol...@wizards.de>
Subject Re: Screw "the future".
Date Mon, 22 Dec 2008 21:36:06 GMT
Robert Burrell Donkin wrote:
>> I will not mention the consequences of a centralized scm very
>> intentionally. (:
> blaming the version control system is easy but misguilded

"very intentionally" meant it would have been anything but misguided. I
hope you're not suggesting that the implications of a dev process or tool
choice are negligible.

> the apache development model is canonical, which determines the choice
> of version control system.

..and that is exactly the fallacy that I did not want to expand on. And
still don't want to, either (at least not here).

> this choice of model is both philosophical
> and practical.

I never disputed that, either. :)

> the apache software license is not reciprical and so
> this means that contributions can only be accepted with oversight and
> due legal process. only one version of the code will be approved for
> release by the PMC as a canonically numbered version.

All that makes sense, and for good reasons. It does not in any way
contradict my observations.


PS: for those wondering about the potentially offensive subject line -
there was supposed to be a "let's fix the present" that went missing.
sorry about that.

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