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From Dan Creswell <...@dcrdev.demon.co.uk>
Subject Re: Split JavaSpaces and JINI
Date Sat, 20 Dec 2008 11:09:27 GMT
Niclas Hedhman wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 9:40 AM, Michael McGrady
> <mmcgrady@topiatechnology.com> wrote:
>> Imagine that in order to use Log4J you had to setup JINI because an
>> interface important to Log4J were in JINI.  This problem would not be solved
>> by pointing out that you can use JINI without Log4J.  And, if someone said
>> they thought Log4J was conceptual independent of JINI and should be made so
>> in its interfaces, that would be a good point.  It would not be a retort to
>> say that Log4J would not work in these conditions without JINI.
>> Am I clear?
> But you were! saying that Jini should be depending on JavaSpaces and
> not the other way around as is now the case. Why? Jini is about
> Service Discovery, and why would a Space implementation be a backbone
> of that?
> My argument is that River should have a JavaSpaces implementation that
> does not require a network setup, as a stepping stone to lower the
> threshold of River adoption. (The "First Shot is Free" comes to mind.)

Agreed and I actally think that's what Michael wants but he's expressing
it very poorly dressed up in architectural arguments about cohesion etc.

> Cheers
> Niclas

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