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From Dennis Reedy <dennis.re...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: What's up with River?
Date Wed, 03 Sep 2008 22:02:56 GMT
>> I am ready and willing to jump in, I am sure there are others as  
>> well.
> cool
> apache is often described as a do-ocracy: we get together to do stuff
> - and the stuff we do is open source software :-)
> one way to start kicking things off would be for people that have
> energy to start throwing around ideas about directions and
> developments that interest them
> (hopefully other people will jump in with other suggestions about ways
> to break the ice)

Hi Robert,

As a manner of introduction, I have been working with Jini technology  
for almost a decade and direct the Rio project (https://www.rio-project.org 
) that uses Jini technology for a number of key capabilities. I have  
been in the "do" business for a number of years :)

My concern with River is the inactivity and the eventual void that  
will be left when the Sun committers move on. Mark Hodapp had  
indicated that Sun's involvement is complete (see http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/incubator-river-dev/200808.mbox/%3c69A8C8DA-ED4C-4D32-8C9A-60A477E1681D@sun.com%3e)

, and my subsequent reply for status (http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/incubator-river-dev/200808.mbox/%3c0B8DC774-E5D3-4F23-B80E-66409BCC0E6D@gmail.com%3e

) was left unanswered.

With Bob Scheifler's last email I would think that the project really  
needs to make a decision on how to move things forward. Its not just  
about fixing the issues that are in Jira (there are quite a few), but  
also a matter of relevance and visibility. Those of us that latched on  
to Jini technology back when it started, and had the opportunity to  
develop and deploy Jini technology based systems certainly want to  
keep the River flowing (sorry).

If I can be of help, please let me know.



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