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From "Mark Brouwer" <mark.brou...@marbro.org>
Subject Re: AR2
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2008 06:16:29 GMT
Hi Jim,

> (Sorry for the prolonged absence on the list.)
> We've done a good job at resolving issues (if
> I'm reading it right - 53) for AR2, and we should
> think about putting out a release to get those
> fixes out (in a release) to the Community.
> I know there's a few more fixes we'd hoped
> on getting in (to AR2), but it probably would
> be more helpful to just bundle up the changes
> into a release and get it out.
> Thoughts?

That might be a good idea, but I really wonder who is going to do that
and we are also missing a proper test environment. The first release
was 'cosmetic' but this one ain't and so far nobody stepped up to take
care of a proper test environment.

As I said recently I will go through some of my outstanding issues and
see what I can get in for AR2.

B.T.W. I will write the board report today, I must have missed the
announcement and it ain't imprinted in my mind yet ...

Mark Brouwer

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