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From Dan Rollo <danro...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: AR2
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2008 07:32:19 GMT
Mark Brouwer wrote:
> Hi Jim,
>> (Sorry for the prolonged absence on the list.)
>> We've done a good job at resolving issues (if
>> I'm reading it right - 53) for AR2, and we should
>> think about putting out a release to get those
>> fixes out (in a release) to the Community.
>> I know there's a few more fixes we'd hoped
>> on getting in (to AR2), but it probably would
>> be more helpful to just bundle up the changes
>> into a release and get it out.
>> Thoughts?
> That might be a good idea, but I really wonder who is going to do that
> and we are also missing a proper test environment. The first release
> was 'cosmetic' but this one ain't and so far nobody stepped up to take
> care of a proper test environment.
> As I said recently I will go through some of my outstanding issues and
> see what I can get in for AR2.
> B.T.W. I will write the board report today, I must have missed the
> announcement and it ain't imprinted in my mind yet ...
> Regards,

Is there someplace I could read up on what we would need for a proper
test env? Is it along the lines of just running all the existing tests
under various OS's? (more than what Hudson is doing now?)

I'm currently running automated builds for some other OSS projects on
Win2k, WinXP, Ubuntu 8.04 [all i386 for now], though might be able to
add amd64 if needed.

(Unfortunately, my OpenSolaris i386 toasted itself a few too many times
when it locked and zfs went bye, bye after reboot - [note: this is not a
slam on zfs, the hardware involved was prehistoric] - I will try it
again after the next release. Of course if some sparc hardware fell out
the sky, I'd certainly add it to my basement build farm).

Maybe I've found something I could finally help with? ;)


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