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From James Grahn <jgr...@simulexinc.com>
Subject Re: Jini, JavaSpaces, JEE, some questions, and some other development issues and ideas.
Date Wed, 03 Sep 2008 22:41:15 GMT
Patrick Wright wrote:
> The Javadocs are excellent and the
> specification is actually helpful for solving real problems :).

Let's not get carried away.

The javadocs aren't the worst I've seen, but there's a real problem in 
that the javadocs sometimes wax theoretic on what a method may or may 
not do.

Take this gem from JavaSpace05.take(), for instance:
"an implementation may chose to take fewer entries from the space than 
the maximum available or the maximum allowed by maxEntries."


I know, you're thinking, that's just because it's the interface (even 
though very wishy-washy even for that level); the reference 
implementation holds the answers.

Nope, undocumented.

Well, then by the principle of least surprise, surely the "take" method 
will simply do maxEntries (or at least Integer.MAX_VALUE, the upper 
limit of the collection it returns).   Why, this is even how the code reads.

Nope, swing and a miss.   Thanks for playing.    You should have looked 
in the package documentation for com.sun.jini.outrigger.   There you 
would have learned that there's a server-imposed limit that governs what 
the client could possibly return.   And that limit defaults to 100 entries.

That said, I was able to find out what was going on through the mailing 
list when some of the original implementors replied to explain what was 
happening.   So there is at least that fall-back when the documentation 
lets you down.


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