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From "Mark Brouwer" <mark.brou...@marbro.org>
Subject Re: AR2
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2008 06:13:52 GMT
Hi Jim,

> HI Mark-
> We have a boatload of tests that were originally contributed
> by Sun that are now part of this project.  I know Brian Murphy
> did some work this year to get them buildable and runnable
> (I'll dig up that commit and forward) -- so they should be there,
> runnable, and help to validate the release.
> Don't you agree?

I know Brian did that (IIRC he also expected/hoped others to make it
portable to non *NIX platforms) and that Nigel made sure the QA Tests
were built as well and that the JoinManager tests were being performed
each night. It is my understanding that only a subset of these test
are performed as part of the nightly build.

I must admit that I don't have a clear view on the Hudson CI
environment and what is required for performing the proper tests. With
the AR1 release it was indicated that SUN did the testing so it was my
assumption that things are not really set in place. It would be really
great if somebody with the knowledge (Nigel?) could document this as
part of the Confluence River site.

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