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From "Mark Brouwer" <mar...@xs4all.nl>
Subject Re: AR2
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2008 08:03:44 GMT
Hi Dan,

> Is there someplace I could read up on what we would need for a proper
> test env? Is it along the lines of just running all the existing tests
> under various OS's? (more than what Hudson is doing now?)
> I'm currently running automated builds for some other OSS projects on
> Win2k, WinXP, Ubuntu 8.04 [all i386 for now], though might be able to
> add amd64 if needed.
> (Unfortunately, my OpenSolaris i386 toasted itself a few too many
> times
> when it locked and zfs went bye, bye after reboot - [note: this is not
> a
> slam on zfs, the hardware involved was prehistoric] - I will try it
> again after the next release. Of course if some sparc hardware fell
> out
> the sky, I'd certainly add it to my basement build farm).
> Maybe I've found something I could finally help with? ;)

The problem is I'm not sure what a proper test environment really
would mean or looks like. All I know is this article by Nigel Daley
who also setup the current tests with Hudson.


Maybe we don't have to go that far, but as I understood the current
tests are only a subset to keep the test time to a reasonable minimum
and that for the AR1 release Sun did the additional testing. I think
this is really somebody more qualified than I am should answer.
Nevertheless it would be great if you could help a hand, the same
applies BTW to Dennis Reedy. Still have to answer his questions ...

Mark Brouwer

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