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From Bob Scheifler <Bob.Scheif...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: [jira] Created: (RIVER-280) make JERI MUX protocol impl maxFragmentSize configurable
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2007 21:17:49 GMT
Mark Brouwer wrote:
> What was the throughput you got for the 1Gb network and the 100Mb one,
> also did you test with an mtu of 1500 for gigabit ethernet?

I didn't test gigabit with mtu=1500, not worth it for me.

Here are some numbers, measured using 1000 calls rather than 100,
to minimize the skew of including VM warmup.  To Martin's point,
it's clear that JERI is using significantly more CPU time than JRMP.

JRMP, 1000Mbps mtu=9000
Finished after 89367 msecs, 111898 KByte/sec
server CPU:
user       21.1
sys        10.4
client CPU:
user        9.4
sys         8.6

JERI TCP, ration=0, frag=8192, 1000Mbps mtu=9000
Finished after 85699 msecs, 116687 KByte/sec
server CPU:
user       48.5
sys        23.5
client CPU:
user       39.5
sys        36.6

JERI TCP NIO, ration=0, frag=8192, 1000Mbps mtu=9000
Finished after 86910 msecs, 115061 KByte/sec
server CPU:
user       55.3
sys        27.1
client CPU:
user       30.9
sys        15.5

JRMP, 100Mbps mtu=1500
Finished after 859347 msecs, 11636 KByte/sec
server CPU:
user       22.8
sys        18.8
client CPU:
user       10.7
sys        10.4

JERI TCP NIO, ration=0, frag=8192, 100Mbps mtu=1500
Finished after 860562 msecs, 11620 KByte/sec
server CPU:
user       58.0
sys        30.9
client CPU:
user       30.4
sys        16.9

JERI HTTP, 100Mbps mtu=1500
Finished after 873766 msecs, 11444 KByte/sec
server CPU:
user       47.8
sys        14.3
client CPU:
user       32.2
sys        14.4

JERI HTTP, 1000Mbps mtu=9000
Finished after 1275516 msecs, 783 KByte/sec  [100 calls only]
server CPU:
user        8.8
sys         1.4
client CPU:
user        4.9
sys         0.9

As you can see there's an odd and nasty performance problem with
JERI HTTP on the faster network to be diagnosed.

- Bob

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