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From Greg Trasuk <tras...@stratuscom.com>
Subject Re: Project status...noticed something in the docs for AR1 said to write to this list to find out more.
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2007 18:56:15 GMT


See comments interspersed below.



On Wed, 2007-12-12 at 13:07, Wade Chandler wrote:
> Hey all,
> Can anyone point me to a road map with information, or can anyone give me a rundown of
the River project status and future plans? Is it still being developed? Any other information?
I'm looking over it, and am trying to figure out what would be best to use between it, OSGi,
and the NB Module System to embed in either a web application or as a separate server and
service which can support hot pluggable and discoverable services which I can use and also
easily find out about. 
> I know in NB I could use the Lookup service, and depending on the design of the services
and modules I can house them and hot update them, and I could embed other things such as AXIS
to provide a mechanism for remote connectivity, but this says nothing for clustering or scalability.

I haven't looked all that closely at the Netbeans module system/Lookup
service, but when I took a quick look I thought it bore a lot of
similarities to the Jini way, so I suspect you'll pick up Jini fairly

>  Same problem with OSGi in that regard. They are more module type systems which support
services internally, but are not designed to be scalable in the networked sense.

Exactly.  They don't address distributed computing issues like partial,
temporary failure and dynamic service deployment and discovery.

> If I can get something going with JINI I would certainly be interested in helping on
the project and contributing. I just need a little guidance. Am I clear enough in what I want
to do for someone to know if it is possible to do this with JINI at the moment? 
> Basically, I have a set of data services provided through a standardized small set of
web services which allow the data service name to be provided along with parameters, and they
generate at times very large documents....quarter GB or more, and I return them as attachments.
Zipped these files are much smaller though.
>  Anyways, the point is I would like to make this system more scalable than standard web
services, and more simple to manage. I can install services in the backend etc, but this does
nothing for scalable discoverability (JINI join I assume) nor scalable network services in
that I install a data service and it tells the rest of the group about itself so I can make
calls to this service. It would even be nice to have the ability to have this service be able
to live in multiple containers, them be called at different times for the same service, and
them just scale and play well together much like clustering Tomcat instances and the way it
handles calls to the web application.
> So, in short, looking for the project status, some guidance, and I'm interested in contributing
if I can make it a win win situation: I work on it, and use it.

I've used Jini and Javaspaces in a similar application, to build a
data-flow-based data analysis system integrating data from several
dissimilar sources.  It's a good application for Jini.  I put together a
simple framework for scatter/gather processing and routing.  It's not
really in a state fit to publish as yet, and may never be, but feel free
to email me off-list if you'd like more info.  There are also a couple
of Jini-based grid frameworks out there.

Jini/River is alive and well.  Perhaps suffering from some inertia, but
certainly not in limbo.

> Thanks,
> Wade
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