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From Jim Hurley <Jim.Hur...@Sun.COM>
Subject AR1 Release Notes
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2007 02:57:43 GMT
Here's a cut at content for the Release Notes.  Looking
for any additions/corrections.

Big thanks to JohnM for the input on logstore.

thanks -Jim

   Apache River release v2.1.1  Release Notes

This first release from the Apache River project is based on the
contributions of Sun's Jini Technology Starter Kit (Starter Kit) v2.1
and Service UI from Artima.  The release focuses on merging the
two contributions together, structuring separate src and bin releases,
and amending the source and documentation naming/versioning/etc
to the Apache River project.

Some points of note:

* NOTICE file and source license headers updated

* Source and documentation updated for release name ("Apache
    River release") and version ("v2.1.1")

* Graphical installer (which was a 3rd party application in the
    Starter Kit) is no longer available

* The combined source and binary release in the Starter Kit has
    been separated into two releases:  src and bin

* The "logstore" implementation of com.sun.jini.outrigger.Store has
    been removed

    The persistent version of Outrigger relies on a pluggable  
    layer, <code>com.sun.jini.outrigger.Store</code>. Previous releases
    of the Starter Kit included two implementations of the Store  
    <em>logstore</em> and <em>snaplogstore</em>. This release removes

    Logstore has been around in various forms since the 1.0 version of
    Outrigger. Snapstore was introduced in v2.1 of the Starter Kit.

    The v2.0.n releases of the Starter Kit used logstore as the  
default Store
     implementation, this release has no default Store. In order to  
switch an
     existing set of configuration files, security policy files,  
etc., from using
     logstore to snaplogstore, you will need to change the
     <code>com.sun.jini.outrigger.store</code> configuration entry  
(or add a
     store configuration entry if you don't already have one) to yield a
object. You
     will also need to ensure that <code>outrigger-snaplogstore.jar</ 
code> has
     been granted sufficient permissions (see Outrigger's package  
     for a sample security policy file.).

     Note that depending on the nature of your application  
snaplogstore can
     have a significantly different performance profile than logstore.

     The storage formats used by snaplogstore and logstore are mutually


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