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From Frank Barnaby <Frank.Barn...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: building an AR1 release candidate...
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2007 22:55:41 GMT

With regard to the official release-candidate builds, Continuum
currently builds the project without the zip bundles.  It would be
useful if (1) the continuum build-definition could be configured to
build everything (including zip bundles) on its current schedule,
or (2) an additional build-definition could be created to provide
a separate process so that we can manually start an official
candidate build (with zip bundles) when appropriate.

There might be some benefit to the continuous build with zip bundles
(option-1), which would provide the latest distribution to folks who
want to use the latest build without having to download sources and
build it on their own.

Of course, both options only make sense if Continuum provides an
archive area to provide access to the resulting zip bundles.  Do any
of you understand Continuum enough to provide an answer?


On Nov 5, 07, at 16:47, Jim Hurley wrote:

> Once Bill gets in the ServiceUI spec, I believe the only thing
> left before we build a release candidate for AR1 (aka, Apache
> River release, v2.1.1) is updating the Release Notes.
> I'd like to take a stab at that tomorrow, and then (as far as I
> know -- if I'm missing something, *please* speak up!) we should
> be ready to build the candidates.
> Do we have a formal/accepted way to build and make available
> those release candidates?
> thanks -Jim

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