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From Thierry BODHUIN <bodh...@unisannio.it>
Subject Re: How can I try to run the project?
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2007 19:00:00 GMT
Mark Brouwer ha scritto:
> Hi Thierry,
> Thierry BODHUIN wrote:
>> I encounter the same exact fact.
>> The source code of Jini is not at the Java 1.5 compliant level: it 
>> uses the keyword "enum" in the 
>> com/sun/jini/jeri/internal/runtime/Util.java file as mentioned.
>> It fails also to compile for Java 1.5+ compiler due to varargs 
>> parameters methods.
> I assume you mean it warns you, because at least javac with the Sun 
> JDK compiles fine and only issue warnings.
Yes that's true, it was only warnings. But should be correctly with 
simply casting "null" to "(Class[])null" when requested a class array  
in java reflection code.
>> But giving to the  javac command the source level (-source 1.4) 
>> should alleviate the problems you encounter that why
>> ant set the javac "source parameters" to 1.4.
> This is something we should do in the build file(s) anyway as long as 
> we don't lift the minimum requirements for Jini to 1.5 or beyond.
Yes in the build file, but also we should also do a property in the ant 
file that define the "source=1.4" in order to avoid  to duplicate in 
different places the value 1.4 (javac, javadoc, ...).


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