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From Mark Brouwer <mark.brou...@cheiron.org>
Subject Re: How can I try to run the project?
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2007 19:47:58 GMT
Carfield Yim wrote:
> Hi, my colleague refer me to this project as he know I am interested
> on jini also. However once I checkout the project this is not come
> with the dependence jars. Can I download it somewhere can try to build
> and run the project??


You should be able to build River from the trunk, I'm not aware of any
required dependencies. Based on the river/trunk/jtsk I'm able to build a
'release' when executing ant build.release you get a dist directory that
contains a source and binary distribution. Can you tell what problems
you ran into?

Running the project is probably a different story [1], it is
questionable whether the River release is the best thing to get started
with the Jini technology. There are alternatives built on top of the
Apache River codebase that lowers the hurdle significantly for getting
started with Jini and shield you from a lot of things that can go wrong
when working with the basics and besides that provide you a lot of
things not provided by the River codebase.

More information about getting started with Jini you can find here
http://www.jini.org/wiki/Category:Getting_Started , and due to my
personal involvement with the Cheiron project I might suggest you to
have a look at the Seven Suite http://www.cheiron.org/seven/


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