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From David Parry <david.pa...@suranyami.com>
Subject Re: building an AR1 release candidate...
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2007 20:41:36 GMT
On 07/11/2007, at 3:45 AM, Frank Barnaby wrote:
>>> useful if (1) the continuum build-definition could be configured to
>>> build everything (including zip bundles) on its current schedule,
>>> or (2) an additional build-definition could be created to provide
>>> a separate process so that we can manually start an "official
>>> candidate build (with zip bundles) when appropriate.
>>> Of course, both options only make sense if Continuum provides an
>>> archive area to provide access to the resulting zip bundles.  Do any
>>> of you understand Continuum enough to provide an answer?

Hi. I've been lurking here a while... sorry I haven't said anything to  

I use Continuum on a daily basis and have done so for the last 3  
years. It's simply a matter of adding another build target and  
providing the right parameters to that build target.

Each build target is essentially like someone typing a command line,  
which is then executed in a separate process. Continuum then simply  
checks the exit status and collects the output and timing details. It  
really couldn't be simpler.

You guys are still using Ant, right? What would be the ant command  
line to build the "official candidate build (with zip bundles)"?

As for the action required to create new build target:

1. Log in. You should see the list of projects.

2. Click on the link to your project. This should take you to the  
project info page.

3. Under the main project info should be a list of build targets.  
There should be an "Add" button there. Press it.

4. Add the ant command line equivalent into the form, assign it a  
schedule, then submit.

5. If you want to manually execute that build only, you can press the  
green arrow next to its build definition.

Honestly, Continuum is just about the easiest continuous build system  
I've ever used...

If someone wants to make me a login on the continuum server, I'd  
gladly take this role on!

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