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From Frank Barnaby <Frank.Barn...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: svn commit: r583971 [1/3] - in /incubator/river/trunk/jtsk: ./ src/ src/com/artima/lookup/util/ src/com/sun/jini/example/browser/ src/com/sun/jini/example/hello/ src/configentry/ src/net/jini/lookup/
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2007 23:24:04 GMT

On Oct 12, 2007, at 5:52 PM, Mark Brouwer wrote:

> But I'm afraid I don't understand the current formatting as well,  
> as it
> seems that indentations are always tabs now and with my current tab
> setting of 8 this results in a different indentation from the java
> files. As result of this a lot of stuff is beyond the 80 characters a
> line which seemed to be a 'soft' rule.

I guess I misunderstood your initial message regarding the indentation.
I thought you were suggesting tabs were preferred over the 2-space
indentation, which was fine by me.  However, now that I've re-read your
original message, I see that you were just referring to the  

I'm not certain why the inconsistency was originally in there, but I
would like to fix it to adhere to some "accepted" practice.  I also  
that the 80 char limit is important, but I didn't want to make  
non white-space changes at that stage (ie, fix indenting, then fix  
I wanted to take advantage of the ignore-white-space diff option for  
changes (ie, "svn diff -x -w" should show no changes).

So, what would you suggest is the preferred indentation practice (ie,
tabs, spaces, a mix)?  Is there a practice that is accepted by the
entire community?  I suspect there's lots of opinions.


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