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From Jim Hurley <Jim.Hur...@Sun.COM>
Subject update on AR1
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2007 19:53:28 GMT
We're closing in on coming up with a release candidate
for AR1 (aka, Apache River release v2.1.1).  Here's the
latest status...


        Apache Incubator River Project - "AR1" Release

* Goal:  initial release from River project, integrating the starter kit
   and serviceui contributions

* Should we go with the current starter kit release bundle structure?
    -> decided yes, for this release

* What kind of development process do we need?  JIRA issues for
    all changes?  code reviews?
    -> vote approved basic dev process (including: tracking issues and
         changes, issue discussions, code reviews, testing, and handling
         security -related issues)

* Bundle starterkit and serviceui in the release bundle?
    (assuming yes)  How should serviceui fit in?
    -> JIRA-264 moving the service ui classes directly into the  
starter kit
         tree, including them in  (jsk)-lib.jar and (jsk)-dl.jar and  
         the serviceui.jar around for at least a release or two.

* Some (build) issues around outrigger sources to work
    -> JIRA-263  remove logstore as part of the outrigger build work
         for AR1

* Name, Version, release bundle, top-level installation directory: ?
    -> JIRA-266
        - Name (used in text on web page, and inside release): Apache  
        - Version #:  2.1.1
        - Name of downloads/distributions:
        - Top-level install directory:  apache-river-2.1.1/
        - jar package names unchanged (jsk-, serviceui-) for this  


* Service UI Spec/Doc contribution (to get in release)
     JIRA-262   ServiceUI Specification
    -> vote taken and approved, awaiting svn commit

* Update web:
       River project area
       River Incubator Project Status page
     -> Confluence wiki just setup for River

* Documentation in release
         - update documentation in release for:
              Name, Version #, download name, install directory
      -> docs (except Release Notes) complete -- looking for other
           'eyes' to look it over

* Javadoc and API docs/specs on site
    ->  JIRA-268
          - provide Javadoc available for viewing on site as well as
            in a separate download
          - provide API docs/specs available from site (ala something
            similar to:   http://java.sun.com/products/jini/ 
         [ ? ]

* What kind of testing do we need?
    -> Sun is going to help out with this release by running the set
        of tests on a few OS platforms.   Will raise the question  
        on the river-dev list to see if others are interested in  
        Working to setup testing machines now.

* Handling cryptography within the release
    (see:   <http://www.apache.org/dev/crypto.html> )
    ->  mail into legal-discuss@a.o


* Apache incubator release process (export, PPMC approval,
    general approval, etc)


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