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From Mark Brouwer <mark.brou...@cheiron.org>
Subject Re: Build file question
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2007 18:19:18 GMT
Thomas Vinod Johnson wrote:
>> Probably some more important issues:
>> 1) I would like to know what the opinion is about the file mask for the
>> start scripts (files ending on .sh). Should there be write access for
>> all, just for the user and group, just for the user or should it be read
>> only.
>> Personally I prefer 755, i.e. for all the execute and read bit are
>> set and only the user can edit the file, please your feedback.
> +1
>> 2) I noticed that the binary distribution doesn't contain the examples,
>> is this intentional? It is my understanding that the source distribution
>> is for those who want to build the project and the binary distribution
>> is for those who want to run the project with no intention to build it.
>> Therefore IMHO it seem logical the examples are part of the binary
>> distribution.
> Is it that the original intent of the examples was more around 
> documentation versus 'running the project'? If I look at the 

To me the examples acted as a tutorial to learn the new functionality
introduced with JTSK 2.0. If I were a binary only downloader I would
expect the tutorial part to be part of the binary distribution.

If you are of the opinion that documentation and tutorials should not be
part of a binary distribution but should be available as a separate
download then I agree the binary distribution is not the one to contain
the 'examples'.

Maybe the problem is that the JTSK is many things at once, and I wonder
whether at this stage we should try to separate all these parts.

> documentation for the example, I don't believe it meets the needs of 
> people who want to run the project. Is something like the 'launch-all' 
> script that is part of the JTSK what we want? Say being able to launch 
> minimally configured Apache River services (one/all of them within 
> ServiceStarter) and a separate script for the browser

I leave answering this question to those as I have interest in this area.

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