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From "Rollo, Dan" <DRo...@ETS.ORG>
Subject FW: River release naming, version, etc.
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2007 21:44:18 GMT
<lurker>: Unless some major changes are involved, it seems like v2.1.1
is the best number. That number implies minimal change for the first
release, which make for a smaller list of ReleaseNotes, which might make
the release happen sooner?  

All the other naming stuff sounds fine to me.


PS: Has anyone jumped on published this release into the Maven2 repo?
(This should not be a prerequist, as it can be done anytime after the
release goes out - just curious.)

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From: Jim Hurley [mailto:Jim.Hurley@Sun.COM]
Sent: Friday, September 21, 2007 11:59 AM
To: river-dev@incubator.apache.org
Subject: River release naming, version, etc.

> =====
> * Name, Version, release bundle, top-level installation directory

Apache has some guidelines around release file naming, as discussed in:

Following those, it seems like we should call our release:
   *  apache-river-<#release number>-incubating-{bin/src}.{tar/zip}

Having a separate binary and source release is different than our
practice with the Jini starter kit... but seems to fit into the best
practices outlined in the "A Guide to Release Management During
Incubation (DRAFT)".  We could include the source in the binary
distribution, but I'll propose we don't for now (smaller download,
potentially different user, etc).

For the top-level installation directory, I'll propose
   "apache-river-<#release number>"/

For "naming" - we do have the option of using a different name in the
release (for example, in the release documentation, we could refer to it
as "River Starter Kit" or some such).  I'll propose for now that we just
call it "Apache River".

Finally, around version -- some have expressed a desire to follow the
version numbering of the starter kit (to align with those releases and
communicate that this isn't a 0.1 release or the like).  Thus, the last
Starter Kit release was "v2.1" so this could be (v.2.1.1, v2.2, or
v.3.0).  I don't really have a personal preference on this one at all,
and am very interested in what your opinion is here.

Please share your thoughts on these.

thanks -Jim

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