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From Jim Hurley <Jim.Hur...@Sun.COM>
Subject JIRA Versions
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2007 20:56:53 GMT
Thanks to those who voiced opinions on the Version number question.

Not wanting to cross anyone, but fearing I've made a "bike shed"
blunder ("what color should we paint the bike shed?" --  
I've moved ahead and created the following Versions in JIRA:

* AR 2                  :  Apache River 2nd release (temporary name)
* AR 1                  :  Apache River 1st release (temporary name)
* jtsk_2.1             :  (Jini Technology Starter Kit) 2.1 release
* jtsk_2.0.2          :  (Jini Technology Starter Kit) 2.0.2 release
* jtsk_2.0.1          :  (Jini Technology Starter Kit) 2.0.1 release
* jtsk_2.0_002    :  (Jini Technology Starter Kit) 2.0_002 release
* jtsk_2.0_001    :  (Jini Technology Starter Kit) 2.0_001 release
* jtsk_2.0             :  (Jini Technology Starter Kit) 2.0 release
* jtsk_1.2             :  (Jini Technology Starter Kit) 1.2 release
* jtsk_1.1             :  (Jini Technology Starter Kit) 1.1 release
* jtsk_1.0             :  (Jini Technology Starter Kit) 1.0 release

As has been said, these are changeable and collapsable, so
it seems better to move ahead so we can get the existing issues
entered. If someone thinks this is a key mistake, please pull the
emergency brake.

Otherwise, I'm working on separating the issue list and hope to
have it out tomorrow so everyone can start entering them.  Thanks.


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