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From Mark Brouwer <mark.brou...@cheiron.org>
Subject Re: getting current buglist into JIRA
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2007 06:02:20 GMT
Bob Scheifler wrote:
> Mark Brouwer wrote:
>>> OK, how do you represent something that's fixed but not yet integrated
>>> in a release?
>> The way I worked when exposed to JIRA was to enter the main lines
>> (2.2dev) and milestones (2.2m1, 2.2m3) in JIRA as working versions and
>> at the end we merged them into the release version.
> OK, but assuming review-then-commit :), if you've fixed something in
> a branch but not yet committed it up to the trunk, you leave it
> In Progress in JIRA?

Yes, that is what I did with many of the issues in JIRA for Apache
River. It is possible and rather easy to introduce an additional
workflow action to accommodate that properly.

In the Cheiron project I have an action "Resolve Issue, submit(ted) to
JTSK" to indicate something is fixed in the Cheiron view on the JTSK
code while not yet integrated in the Sun/Apache River version.

If a super formal review-then-commit policy is going to be used by the
committers we can arrange for that. I realize you ask all these question
to show us how advanced Bugtraq is for the part that we publicly
couldn't see ;-)

Another thing, I saw Jim entering RIVER-37 and it contains information
not available in
http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=4442766 which
probably means that Bugtraq has private information. If so this has some
consequences for the committers who have no access to Bugtraq directly
in their ability to type over the issues, am I right?

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