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From "John McClain - Sun Microsystems, Inc." <John.McCl...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: getting current buglist into JIRA
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2007 14:24:51 GMT
Jim Hurley wrote:
> Any other opinions from committers and folks on the list?

I think it is simplest to start with a single deliverable mind set and 
get additional projects if we need them latter.

Version number wise I like the idea of river starting where the Sun 
Starter Kit version number left off.

Having, said that, the first version number still won't be obvious at 
this point (2.1_1?, 2.1.1?, 2.1? ...), so I would start with something 
like "AR1" and change its name latter once we know what we think it is.

Given the notion starting the River version numbers where the Sun 
numbers left off, I am fine with bring over bugs with there existing 
version numbers intact, though a prefix may make things a bit clearer.

John McClain					john.mcclain@sun.com
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Burlington, MA

And it is that way today. We are tricked by hope into starting
companies, beginning books, immigrating to this country and investing
in telecom networks. The challenges turn out to be tougher than we
imagined. Our excessive optimism is exposed. New skills are demanded.
But nothing important was ever begun in a prudential frame of mind.

         - David Brooks

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