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From Jim Hurley <Jim.Hur...@Sun.COM>
Subject initial issue list
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2007 21:57:29 GMT
I thought we'd initially start with giving each committer
(and Phil, one of our mentors who volunteered to help!)
10 issues to migrate over.  We'll see how this goes before
distributing the final 50-75 issues.

If you could please do this sometime within the next
week - it would be much appreciated.  Thanks again
for your help.  Please send me a note when you've
completed them and I'll track it.


Initial issue list - import responsibilities:

Juan Ramirez:
    6436700    RegistrarImpl should not throw Asse...
    6307070    LogUtil should include a 'safe' log
    6291274    Uninstaller does not remove all ite
    6291831    preferredlistgen warning messages d
    4854295    add InterruptThreadAction utility
    4893513    remove dependency of SSL provider o
    6261463    Destroy processing should use confi
    6326051    Consider changing the group* prefix
    6227239    Replace EventLog.next()/remove() re
    6326052    Consider changing the group* prefix

Ron Mann:
    6421994    Add configuration entry to LookupDi...
    6353590    Multiple jar files with conflicting
    4992771    Add JMX enabled Mbean for the start
    4244382    Diagnostic before call to write in
    6241506    'Deprecation' of config entries.
    4848056    ConfigurationFile spec should requi
    6370096    The net.jini.config spec should doc
    5091973    ConfigurationFile should support ar
    6278784    Semantics for serializing entry fie
    6308861    LU should mention return values of

Bob Scheifler:
    6190263    net.jini.export.ServerContext spec
    4960295    Reggie codebase evolution problemat
    6353693    ClassDep should have a method to de
    4488356    Allow ServiceRegistrar.notify() to
    4985633    SDM - investigate possible NPE's in
    4230054    Entry spec should distinguish betwe
    6202581    Change prepare*() semantics to allo
    4852243    sequence numbers from strong clean
    4857116    (mux) remove workarounds for fixed
    4857137    SelectionManager should use Selecto

Bill Venners:
    6404689    show interfaces rather than classes
    4962981    Redo log locking strategy in mahalo
    6231102    consider enabling unicast discovery
    6358626    Create utility to listen for multic
    6315243    cut-n-paste error in ServerContext.
    5086712    Serialized form of MarshalledInstan
    5023456    Extend Kerberos login module to aut
    5086717    GrantPermission can imply 'extra' p
    6456325    DynamicPolicy providers do not supp
    4832729    Security.grant methods could be spe

Phil Steitz:
    6487736    hello example ConfirmingILFactory a...
    5026860    Should use one sync to commit multi
    6346549    ConfigurationFile should provide a
    4283024    Entry spec does not say that an Ent
    6265299    LookupDiscovery could use a WakeupM
    6292881    ProxyAccessor javadoc is confusing
    6422589    ProxyAccessor could be clearer that
    6313634    support configurable concurrency li
    5023464    Kerberos provider should support a
    6306460    Use a WakeupManager for scheduling

Nigel Daley:
    6404694    add TrustEquivalence to browser's list...
    6227228    Coalesce jars from multiple source
    6480438    EnvCheck could issue a warning if p
    5089430    ClassDep doesn't pick up annotation
    6331082    envcheck enhancement: check for cla
    6430026    SslEndpoint does not say what princ
    6488477    SslServerEndpoint and HttpsServerEn
    4311048    entry.ServiceType is abstract
    6293073    allow result caching in Security.ve
    6295580    consider impl changes for minimal H

John McClain:
    6307160    Norm catch Throwable/Error blocks s...
    4959687    Norm stores local attributes in mar...
    4947179    Issues with EntryRep.equals() and h...
    5026757    Go from two to one syncs when commi
    4696449    EN spec should emphasize importance
    4256312    JavaSpaces spec is silent on schema
    4427256    JavaSpace spec could benefit from r
    4326528    JavaSpaces spec does not make the m
    4940293    Norm does not store lookup locators
    4850666    Norm expiration warning delivery ca

Brian Murphy:
    4959713    Fiddler stores local attributes in...
    6315269    ConfigurationFile spec should state
    6316685    ConfigurationFile should check for
    6230095    support declaring entries in a "com
    6316686    ConfigurationFile should check synt
    5043481    provide programmatic access to disc
    6259676    provide a ServerSocketFactory class
    6267299    SDM should define an eventless cach
    4520551    JoinManager spec should recommend a
    4367095    SDM should use ThrowableConstants f

Mark Brouwer:
    6337652    JTSK code should use consistent num...
    6407721    JoinManager should not discard LUS...
    6239633    ActivationGroupIDs should track Act
    6512930    deadlock in group VM creation failu
    6240131    consider whether Reggie should supp
    6230108    reggie should default to an IP addr
    6298284    provide warning for nonexistant cla
    6421518    jsk-platform definition does not in
    4625466    lookup service type matching semant
    4696460    LS spec should emphasize importance

Robert Resendes:
    6264692    Get WakeupManagers out of the confi...
    6307601    Mahalo catch Throwable blocks shoul...
    6261378    Mahalo's destroying processing shou...
    6307598    Mercury catch Throwable blocks shou...
    6246734    Ensure service changes are persiste...
    4251161    When can a TransactionManager give
    4941108    Mercury does not store lookup locat
    4941110    Mahalo does not store lookup locato
    4180697    PrepareJob.stop() should set the co
    6298294    TxnManagerInternalException doesn't

Dan Creswell:
    4899372    Mahalo make remote calls to itself
    4291849    Mahalo should support nested transa...
    6248175    Get WakeupManagers out of the confi...
    6305654    clarify meaning of "calls from the
    6515298    provide option to cease group recre
    4968751    Lease.renew treatment of non-positi
    4897933    (spec) Integrity spec doesn't cover
    4856433    (http) represent internal HTTP util
    4945720    Spaces spec does not resolve confli
    4711616    Outrigger should provide more infor

Jim Waldo:
    4950039    Mahalo exception/retry logic should...
    4509296    Outrigger is not SNMP/RMON savvy
    6230431    event delivery should not impact di
    5035177    Lease spec does not talk about thre
    4217852    Entry spec needs to define when two
    6176242    Transaction spec could elaborate on
    4217846    more explanation of exploration met
    4337846    want to register for events with a
    4866735    LookupDiscovery with no groups unne
    4339968    Consider batch event delivery

Vinod Johnson:
    6313649    consider replacing "mux writer" thr
    4981146    (ssl/https) Permit specifying URL f
    6305650    (mux) refactor SelectionManager's c
    6304047    (mux) optimize allocation/deallocat
    4856370    (perf?) reduce wrapping in net.jini
    5037395    (mux) in Abort messages sent from s
    6365106    JoinManager could use a notion of f
    6348797    DynamicPolicyProvider could use fin
    5017768    (ssl/https) Support session renegot
    4892217    (ssl/https) Use CertPathValidator i

Peter Jones:
    5053556    reduce number of "RenewClean" threa
    4868907    HTTP, HTTPS providers should test c
    4858729    (perf) (mux) consider having MuxOut
    4858644    (mux) low-level cause exceptions th
    4851548    default mux maxFragmentSize has sig
    4848840    concurrency problem in DGC lease ex
    5088260    (mux) missing session-handling logi
    5102813    have PreferredClassProvider wrap Cl
    6219020    JoinManager synchronization on serv
    4893510    remove dependency of kerberos provi

Frank Barnaby:
    6264693    Get WakeupManagers out of the confi...
    5059954    Outrigger keeps local attributes in
    6392596    ClassDep generates duplicate output
    6242883    RemoteEventData should cache Remote ...
    6242889    RemoteEventData should propagate ex...
    6211447    LookupLocatorDiscovery inconsistenc
    6234394    LookupDiscovery and LookupLocatorDi
    6296354    Installer: white-on-white button te
    6345079    Install of  jini2_1beta2.bin Fails
    6291165    Installer: Custom install misleadin

Fred Oliver:
    4959703    Mahalo stores local attributes in m...
    4959705    Mercury stores local attributes in...
    5022708    Outrigger could limit the amount of
    6392596    ClassDep generates duplicate output
    5101679    ConfigurationFile should provide a
    5054755    Outrigger could resolve transaction
    4483549    Are ifExists queries in spaces "ope
    5088594    HttpmdIntegrityVerifier should allo
    6235751    Abstract the message digest URL wra
    6245112    Some logging messages should be mad

Jim Hurley:
    4616144    Mechanism desired for suspending ac
    5059953    Outrigger does not store lookup loc
    6449005    use configurable ServerSocketFactor
    4512970    visibility semantics in transaction
    4411761    DGM: spec needs more detail on IOEx
    6219112    JoinManager synchronization on each
    4846490    BID.checkConstraints should support
    6219134    JoinManager synchronization strateg
    6190433    PreferredClassProvider protected me
    6219149    JoinManager.ProxyReg.fail synchroni


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