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From "Phil Steitz" <phil.ste...@gmail.com>
Subject License headers and jars in svn
Date Sun, 17 Jun 2007 20:23:23 GMT
I did not want to hijack the [VOTE] thread in progress on the QA tests
contribution and my +1 on that thread means I support the
contribution.  There are some things we should clean up / decide on;
however, indicated on the RAT report that I added to RIVER-28.

1) It looks to me like the .config, .policy and .login files in the
current code as well as QA submission can all tolerate java header
comments.  I don't know exactly how these files are used, so I don't
want to make any changes; but if this is OK to do we should add them.
Similarly for .properties files.  I can do this once I get the build
working so I can test locally assuming I am right and adding them will
cause no problems.  Pointers on how to get the build to work would be
appreciated.  I am OK with initial commit without them (the initial
submission already includes some files like this).

2) Do we need all of the binary files in svn?  (.keystore, etc?)  I am
not opposed to binary files in svn - some are absolutely necessary -
just want to make sure we need all that are committed and they do not
bring encumberances or security issues with them.

3) Do we need the jar files in the QA test submission?  If so, where
are the sources for these jars and how do we know we can distribute
them?  I am not OK committing these unless we can identify sources or
licenses.  While there is no policy against jars in svn and in some
cases it is impractical not to include them, I personally like to
avoid it wherever possible.


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