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From Dan Creswell <...@dcrdev.demon.co.uk>
Subject Re: JavaSpace.notify() "not reliable"
Date Wed, 23 May 2007 08:36:24 GMT
Timur Mehrvarz wrote:
> On 21.05.2007, at 21:26, Bob Scheifler wrote:
>>> Done. Now, when I experience a notification being dropped, a
>>> NoSuchObjectException is indeed being logged:
>> So first, I had things bass ackwards, you really wanted to turn
>> on client remote call logging in outrigger, not server remote call
>> logging.  And the logging change previously discussed should not
>> have altered seeing the logging record you provided, as it's using
>> an outrigger logger, not an RMI one.  Are you sure something else
>> hasn't changed?
>>> Obviously, my JavaSpace client is becoming "permanently unavailable
>>> (NoSuchObjectException)" and "further events will not be delivered to
>>> it." Is anyone able to speculate, how my humble client may cause this
>>> behavior?
>> If your client isn't holding a strong reference to the listener impl,
>> it can get GC'd.
>> But this exception doesn't correlate with your description of
>> occasionally dropped events.  Or is your client re-registering
>> for events, and you didn't explain that before?  Or are you
>> perhaps seeing a new different problem than before?
> I'm afraid, it's still the same problem. The polling is good to have, as
> a backup. But right now, my app depends on it. It wouldn't work without
> it. I need to stop the NoSuchObjectExceptions. I do re-register for
> every event. I am holding strong references to the listeners. As far as
> I can see, their references do not get GC'd. What else could trigger
> Outrigger to throw NoSuchObjectExceptions on occasion?

Can you explain more about what you mean by re-register for each event?

Can you maybe post the related code for that.

> I'd like to look at the code handling this. Do you have a pointer?

Not sure I understand what you're asking for here - are you talking
about your code or the Outrigger code?

> Timur

Hope that helps,


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