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From Rick Moynihan <r...@calicojack.co.uk>
Subject Re: Short term plan forward... (proposal)
Date Tue, 22 May 2007 13:11:50 GMT
Vinod Johnson - Sun Microsystems wrote:
> Part of what is in play here is how much more time and effort (I would 
> imagine the effort part would me more process oriented rather than 
> technical) it would take to do a 0.1 vs a 0.2. If the answer is 'not 
> that much more' then there seems to be little to be gained from 
> splitting the two. If it is 'reasonably more' then I think there is 
> value in having a binary distribution as an initial artifact for people 
> to be able to download and touch and feel. This value judgment, of 
> course, comes with the assumption (perhaps misguided) that the slant 
> initially is towards showing people that we have a binary that works 
> rather than the magnitude of active ongoing work.
> My 2c.

Perhaps this sounds odd, and maybe it is, but if River were to get an 
early release out, even one that I don't use.  At least I'd have 
something which is River and is open to change.  Right now it feels like 
much of River is opaque and within Sun.  The sooner there is a release, 
the sooner River will feel like a project.

I think there is a lot of value in seeing a 0.1 release (unless of 
course 0.2 won't be significantly longer), even if everyone knows 
0.2/0.5/... is going to change everything.  The value here is in having 
something which people can call River.  Then River will become something 
concrete and open to suggestions and critique.

This said, perhaps the code drop is enough, but I'd rather not have to 
track changes and discussions at that level of granularity right now.

In many ways I think my feelings follow Mike Herrick's.  I have a lot of 
hope for River, and I hope my comments don't come across as being too 
critical.  I'm convinced that Jini's move to Apache is the right thing, 
it's just frustrating that it's taking so long.

Rick Moynihan
Software Engineer
Calico Jack LTD

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