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From Mark Brouwer <mark.brou...@cheiron.org>
Subject Re: Short term plan forward... (proposal)
Date Tue, 22 May 2007 06:55:12 GMT
Nigel Daley wrote:
> On May 21, 2007, at 3:39 PM, Mark Brouwer wrote:
>> I find v0.1 not ambitious enough. I think it is important to do some
>> bug-fixes and RFEs that have been completed and lingering around for a
>> very long time in some peoples workspaces. Just to release so most
>> people can sit on the sideline watching v0.1 being released is not that
>> interesting to me (I also want to get rid of a lot of fixes and small
>> RFEs I've been carrying for too long).
> I think we should start small so we can work through all the other 
> issues of getting a first release out the door.  For instance, the bug 
> fixes you and others want to commit, do they need unit tests?  written 
> for which harness/framework?  who's going to run them?  do the bug fixes 
> need code review?  from who?  following what guidelines?  who's going to 
> run all the other tests?  under which configurations?

Although I understand your concerns Nigel. I think the questions/issues
with regard to testing and reviewing are something we have to solve
anyway and I like to solve them in a way while as much people are
actually affected by them. If you want to circumvent touching this
subject for v0.1 it will be likely (in exaggeration mode) one man (you?)
setting up the test, somebody else running the tests without
modifications. We modify the build files for integrating ServiceUI and
we start building deliverables for which we will start a vote for
getting it released.

> IMO, if release 0.1 goes smoothly, then a more ambitious 0.2 could 
> follow on very quickly.

I doubt the real added value for .1 as I'm really afraid most people
stand watching at the sideline [1] for that release while most important
stuff has to be sorted out for .2 anyway.

I'll leave it to this as I think there are more important things to
argue about in the future ;-)

[1] I have a slight concerns and that is the participation of all the
committers we have. From the list of Sun committers I only see you and
Bob to be really active while most others are more on the background. I
think starting with touching more bugfixes and RFEs (for which they
historically have been code-owners) will encourage their participation
and see their individual identity show through.

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