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From Dan Creswell <...@dcrdev.demon.co.uk>
Subject Re: JavaSpace.notify() "not reliable"
Date Sun, 20 May 2007 09:08:48 GMT
Bob Scheifler wrote:
> Timur Mehrvarz wrote:
>> I am still experiencing these dropped notify() calls.
> Have you enabled remote call logging in the JavaSpace to see if
> it shows any exceptions?
> - Bob

Or better yet a test case or a pseudocode description of what's going on?

Such a description would include lease renewals (and how you're doing
them and how big of a lease you ask for), takes and reads as well as
writes and transactions.  You should also state whether or not you're
using registerForAvailabilityEvent as opposed to notify.

Also of interest is that your writes are every 200ms and you say every
50th or so is dropped which I reckon is every 10 seconds - have you got
anything else happening on a 10 second boundary?

And finally, what's are you calling a master and a slave and what are
their relationships between each other and the JavaSpace?

Many thanks,


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