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From Rick Moynihan <r...@calicojack.co.uk>
Subject How to Contribute to River
Date Thu, 17 May 2007 16:15:16 GMT
Mark Brouwer wrote:

 From Jini-Users:
> Rick Moynihan wrote:
>> Before posting I'd also taken a peek at the source for LookupCacheImpl
>> and ServiceDiscoveryManager.  And you're not kidding about how many
>> details it takes of!  We recently reimplemented/simplified some old code
>> that did not previously make use of these classes.  And I'm glad we did,
>> though we did also need to build a layer above them to cache
>> LookupCaches across services running within the same VM.
>> Thanks again for your response,
> Glad it was helpful,
> Given your intimate knowledge of the SDM now I think you should consider
> yourself a good candidate to help out improving it even further as part
> of River ;-)

I'm not sure about the time commitments I'd be able to make to River, 
but I do have some ideas about specific improvements I'd like to see. 
Particularly with the management classes, e.g. ServiceDiscoveryManager, 
JoinManager, LookupDiscoveryManager etc.

Briefly, my main issue with these classes (and I guess other parts of 
Jini) is that code which uses these classes is hard to unit test because 
they don't have interfaces.  I feel things would be MUCH easier if these 
classes implemented an interface that would allow developers to easily 
create mock implementations for unit tests etc...

Also has it been decided yet whether/when River will offer its own 

Rick Moynihan
Software Engineer
Calico Jack LTD

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