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From "Sean Landis" <sean.lan...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Short term plan forward... (proposal)
Date Wed, 23 May 2007 14:55:13 GMT
Hi Dan,

On 5/23/07, Dan Creswell <dan@dcrdev.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> Sean Landis wrote:
> > I think a quick release (as a sign of life) might be a good idea. If a
> > few bug fixes can be integrated in a short time frame that would be
> > great. By quick release, I think less than a month after the code is
> > available to the committers.
> >
> And if it's more than a month?  Are you then thinking "to hell with it,
> might as well add some other stuff as well if it takes that long"?

No the opposite. If it's more than a month, scale down. I personally
would also be happy with the idea of a baseline River release that's
essentially the current release. I was trying to find a medium ground
by supporting moderate work if it was quick.

> > I confess I haven't looked at the bug reports so I am not going to
> > comment on which should be in, but if fixes are already available for
> > some as Mark says, then they seem like good candidates.
> >
> > Moving the interfaces. utilities, and services to 1.5 is very
> > important to me and I'd like to see that on the roadmap in the not too
> Why is it important to you?

See my response to Bob who asked the same question.

> > distant future. At some point, it would then make sense to integrate
> > some of the 1.5 features internally but, again, I'd leave that to
> > people more involved in the code than I.
> >
> > Not being a committer, I hope my input is not offensive to those who
> > are investing their personal time.
> >
> It isn't and if it is, I'm sure you'll be told :)
> > Regards,
> > Sean

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